Attuning to the Prophets of Judaism

The prophets of the desert in the Old Testament have become so much part of our being; they left the cities shocked by the decadence, the greed of our civilisations, and sought instructions from the voice of God. And if you walk for hours and days in the desert, then you have a sense of great purity from ... away from the pollution and the decadence of the cities and the selfishness and the greed and the money-making. And everything is silent, and the slightest breeze comes to you like a voice that is talking to you. So, you're very open to the message of the universe to the cosmos. And so you interpret it of course in your limited way, but still you've been inspired by that sense of the need to give direction to human beings, so that they don't do those terrible things that are happening now in our time more and more. So, that is called the message - it's the word "the message". The messenger receives a message and transmits that message to the people. And then they come back in the cities with the power of God, and that power is so great that people are very impressed by that power that is coming through the power of Moses, the power of Abraham, the power of Melchisedek. And so, somehow that message is still working all the time.

We have a sense that the destinies of humanity are being shepherded by the divine guidance, but that guidance can only work if we recognize it. So, the quality here is of course to be open to guidance rather than the will-power of Shiva. And I think that this message is embodied in those words of Pir-o-Murshid, when he says: In the beginning of the universe everything is in a state of chaos, and gradually every being is trying to find its place in the scheme of things. So that orderliness is born out of chaos. And so, what we call the law is that power of orderliness, that brings order into chaos. That's the message of Israel.

Abraham is a giant amongst prophets. Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan calls him the founder of the religion of the one God, to which Beni Israel belongs. When he uses the word "Beni Israel" it includes Christianity and Islam. The greatness of Abraham is such that he is admitted into the presence of God, in its exoteric and its esoteric sense. He is given access to the divine intention. He has access to the planning, and he generates a whole race. He represents, therefore, the seed of God as man, in whom the divine being reaches a fullness, a fulfillment. There´s a great significance in his mission. He is the Rasul, the archetype of Rasul, in which God finds his fulfillment. Of course, he is very wonderful; he´s a king. Murshid talks about the trace of the king of kings. Yes, it´s to be found in Abraham, and he even says Abraham was the founder of Sufism. Oh, one has to enter into the consciousness of that being, Abraham.

His perfect counterpart is Melchizedek, the high priest who represents the divine order, whereas Abraham represents the divine power, majesty. It´s a different attunement, and both are very, very important. Whenever you are in a very high prayerful condition, you get in tune with Melchizedek. When you´re conscious of your mission and what you have to uphold in your life, then you can get into the consciousness of Abraham. It´s just like the two faces of Cha´ma in the Kaballah; the one is turned upwards and the other is turned downwards. Your consecration as a priest is where you find your connection with Melchizedek, when you think of yourself as being a priest in the Order of Melchizedek.

(Texts from meditations with Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan)

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